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  • Custom Web Design
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web & mobile ingenuity

We are a passionate team of developers and designers with an appetite for creative digital solutions. Through unbridled enthusiasm and raw talent, our team is where great ideas come to life.

On the Web, we're in our element.

In the tangled web that is the digital age, TKML understands the complexity and specializes in simplifying your unique business needs with seamless end-to-end solutions. Take a look at all we have to offer:


Custom Web & Application Development


If you want to take advantage of technology that will further your business, then you want to work with us. As one of the largest Ruby on Rails development teams in Chicago, we understand and enjoy the intricacies of the Web as it continues to evolve. From seasoned business analysts to development specialists, we can determine your unique needs and turn it into a fully optimized solution that improves your organization inside and out.

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Enterprise Software
  • Custom Applications
  • Mobile
  • E-Commerce
  • Content Management Systems

Creative Design


When facing some fierce competition, perception is everything. A user’s experience and the functional aesthetics will determine how often and how long a user will interact with you. Our user experience specialists and web-designers study your audience and analyze your goals to create an intuitive, pleasant experience that ensures users come back, act on the call to action and most importantly today, SHARE!

  • User Experience Design
  • Branded Microsites
  • HTML5, Javascript, & CSS3

Social Media


So, you need to engage your consumers on social media? Easier said than done. TKML houses a platform and tools to build, manage and monitor integrated social media campaigns. From conception and patented viral tracking technology to the complicated logistics of your program, we’ve got you covered.

  • Full-Service Campaign Development & Management
  • Real-time Analytics Tracking

Consulting & Partnership


Need a hand? Whether you’re in danger of missing a crucial launch date, or just looking for a little support to bring your great idea to fruition, our team at TKML can jump right in. See how we helped support a popular social network to launch their 2.0 version in a matter of 5 weeks Affluence Case Study.

The Young Driver Safety Website

Software Application


Upon finding 40% of teenaged deaths involved first-time drivers, one of the largest insurance providers in the U.S. needed to increase awareness and improve access to safe driving facts for teens and their parents.

As part of this initiative, the developers at TKML created a branded micro-site that spoke to key markets - teenagers, parents and teachers. The solution included an abundance of features and social integrations to drive interaction with users and encourage viral sharing within their network. Beyond an engaging user interface, the developers at TKML created a system to track user analytics and developed a robust content management system to ensure content is fresh, relevant and engaging.

How does a national insurance provider get proactive about one of their riskiest demographics?

Affluence 2.0

Partnership & Consulting


When, a social networking site for high net-worth individuals, was in imminent danger of missing a crucial launch date, TKML developers consulted with their internal development team to provide experienced support and seamlessly assist completion of version 2.0.

As consultants and partners, TKML developers handled the conversion of Affluence 1.0 to Affluence 2.0 within 5 weeks, to improve the user experience for the 50,000+ current users, while upgrading the framework for scalable growth and development for future needs.

How does a popular, recently funded social networking site assure launch?

The Backstage Storefront Platform

Enterprise Software


When Tukaiz was shopping for a web-to-print solution to better serve their clients, there wasn't a software on the market that included the features, modular framework, and scalability that Tukaiz deemed crucial to meet the unique needs of their client's business models.

They instead, turned to TKML, their internal team, to develop a customized enterprise software solution called Backstage. This online marketing management system and production process far surpassed the available web-to-print software within the marketplace, allowing Tukaiz to develop scalable solutions that met the unique business needs for companies like PepsiCo, Burger King, Taco Bell, Career Builder and Levy Restaurants. To this day, the ever-evolving enterprise solution continues to adjust and expand its capabilities due to the forward thinking of the team at TKML.

How does Tukaiz employ on-demand marketing production ahead of the competition?

Client Database

Software Application


After compiling public information for advertising initiatives, direct mail and web promotions, a Fortune 500 company needed to assure the information was being used accurately by all of the agents nationwide.

Alleviating a top concern, TKML developers built a custom application to manage their database of clients. This highly secure, web-based application is only accessible through the corporation's intranet and is poised for data capture. The original 1.0 version, launched several years ago, continues to evolve and adapt to the complex marketing environment and the specific needs of their sales force.

How does a Fortune 500 company assure that its sales force properly maintains public information?

Sales Lead Site

Software Application


It is imperative that B2C companies effectively utilize consumer data in order to personalize communication with relevant messaging and offers. This Fortune 500 Company was in need of an efficient way to manage their leads and corresponding data received through various advertising and promotional initiatives to ensure leads were not lost to the competition.

Following the consult with the marketing team and key user groups, the team at TKML designed and developed a custom web-based software application to automate the secure gathering of consumer data captured and assign leads to appropriate members of the sales force within a matter of hours. Since launch, the Sales Lead Site has proven to be a valuable asset in drastically improving conversion rates and more importantly the ROI of corporate marketing initiatives.

How does one of the largest B2C sales organizations in the world manage qualified leads in real-time?

Burger King Local Solutions

Enterprise Software


Burger King came to the developers at TKML in search of a solution that allowed franchisees and marketing executives the ability to quickly and efficiently manage high quality, localized marketing campaigns at a lower cost.

In collaboration with their advertising agency and Tukaiz, TKML developers created a customized and scalable solution called Burger King Local Solutions (or "BKLS"). Utilizing our Backstage platform, BKLS empowered field marketing managers and franchisees with a convenient way to implement local marketing campaigns that kept the integrity of national efforts and the brand identity. As a result, local marketing efforts have been simplified, wasted elements from national campaigns have been eliminated and marketing ROI has dramatically increased.

How does Burger King maintain brand consistency throughout every franchise?

Taco Bell Asset & Project Management System

Enterprise Software


Taco Bell, along with its agency partners, needed a faster and more measurable way to manage the creative process, and ensure successful implementation of national marketing campaigns throughout all franchised locations.

The team at TKML analyzed Taco Bell's entire process and built The Taco Bell Asset & Project Management System through our Backstage platform. The system translated the offline processes into a single online dashboard that streamlines execution and recognizes efficiencies.

How does Taco Bell make offline marketing processes more efficient and scalable?

PixyMe Mobile App



Tukaiz was the first in the industry to introduce their completely unique image personalization technology that instantly inserts names and type into an image making it look as if the names were a part of the image itself. But, they really needed a way to get the word out about the technology that would support sales of their services and products that included this personalization.

The developers at TKML were able to evaluate core functionality to create a simple and fun iPhone and iPod Touch application that instantly creates personalized postcards to send electronically, or through the post. Using Facebook and Twitter integration along with Tukaiz' internal production process, they were able to put the technology into the user’s hands creating a completely viral experience to support sales.

How does Tukaiz make their image personalization technology viral?

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